Members & Music

Tim Risher, god of music, master of the notes written for this heavenly group, has alas! left the group for greener pastures (snob!) Check out his homepage at this spot.

Colin Hawkins, saxophone, plays, more than plays, his baritone sax for the Quietsch Quintet. In his time not with the goup he is a brain surgeon and mathematician. Oh yeah, he also arranges for the group.

Andy Elliott , soprano sax, often substitutes in the New York Phiharmonic and the Rascher Quartet, when he is not to busy with his Roll-Royce collection at his 5,000 acre estate in the mountains.

Jürgen Meyer, alto sax, also uses his lilting tenor voice to add depth and emotion in the ensemble. When he sings, there isn't a dry eye in the house! He is also a world famous painter and writer, such as "Why I write such good Books" and "The Way to San Jose - Conspiracy?"

Jasmin Daniels tenor sax, also performs around the known universe in the "All-Indian Tap Band" and has been voted as "Best lip sync artist". She breeds collies.

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